A variety in Tangerine Tango

Fashion Forecast for 2012

What is the year of the Water Dragon up to this coming 2012? Here are the new trends that we need to watch out for. Color : Tangerine Tango, an electric orange red (according to Pantone Color Institute) will be the defining shade for 2012. Provocative yet refreshing, it will surely look great in any […]


kooky loves playing fetch


I’m a self confessed DOG addict and I thank the Mister for that! I can even sit watching National Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer” all day just for kicks. While movies like Marley and Me and Hachiko breaks my heart into pieces. It’s just now that I’ve realized that I haven’t even blogged about my own […]


My Own Version of Patatim

MOV : Patatim

Here’s my very first entry for MOV… Recipe : Patatim As a child, I’m always fond of eating dishes that contain pork knuckles. It can be cooked in a lot of ways…. fried (crispy pata), braised (estofado), with liver sauce (paksiw), etc. Top of the list would be Patatim. Not to brag… but my mom […]



My Own Version

I just noticed that majority of the blogs I read about are reviews of food, desserts or beverages from varied restaurants, cafe’s, dessert place, etc. I haven’t really encountered someone blogging about his/her own dish. So for a change, I will be blogging about my own cooking and giving a twist to it. Background : […]


70's is back

That 70’s Fashion

Tired of wearing those leg hugging, only-for-lankies, can’t breathe skinny pants? Fret not ladies… because the flowy, relaxed, most flattering flashbacks of the 70’s are back. The Maxi Skirts and Palazzo Pants are cool, comfortable and effortlessly chic pieces that can be worn during office hours until late night out with friends. How you can […]


my wedding cake

My Unique Wedding

Sorry if it took me some time to post a new blog… I’ve been busy preparing for my wedding. Now that its over, let me share with you some unique highlights of my wedding. Social Media Invite Facebook and Twitter are so popular nowadays so in order for us to remember the Social Network Media […]


Queen Cleopatra

The Evolution of Nail Polish

A little bit of trivia… did you know that nail polish originated in Egypt? They used reddish-brown stains derived from henna to color their fingertips. This signifies which social class they belong to. The Royalties, even Queen Cleopatra paint her finger and toe nails crimson while women who belongs to the lower class were only […]


Ali Lohan with that thick brow look

Thick brows are in!

Ever feared of plucking your eyebrows? Worry no more coz thick, bushy brows are back! It was in the 80’s that this trend was a hit. Now that it’s making a come back, more women are experimenting with pencils, eyeshadow or tattoo to achieve that full brow look. What does this signify? Determination, Strength and […]


ye dang korean restaurant

FOODSCAPADE : Yeah, Ye Dang!

Since the Koreans invaded our country, we got exposed to their way of life. Some of which I find fascinating like the heartwarming plots of their telenovelas, their colorful fashion sense and the distinctive taste of their food. As a kid, the only memory I have of a good korean dish would be the beef […]


Photo courtesy of about.com

Handbags are Forever!

What can replace “diamonds” as a girl’s new best friend? -= A Designer Handbag =- Compared to a diamond, every piece is unique, timeless, has excellent craftmanship, includes an authenticity card, can be pawned, it comes in different shapes, sizes and color but most importantly its PRICE TAG! Thanks to years of overtime and freelance […]


Buzz with his mom

Meet Buzz! Our New Yorkie

Buzz is our new baby boy. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier born June 30, 2010. He’s only 5 weeks old. We’re leaving him with his mom and brothers to get stronger and learn to socialize till he’s 8 weeks old.  We can’t wait to take him back home with us. Tiny cute yorkie. As tall as […]


Welcome to Hip Hooray!

Welcome to Hip! This is my first post. Like and follow me, let’s start blogging!